Interior/Exterior Paint

Interior/Exterior Paint

We use quality products from Sherwin-Williams.

Interior Painting 

Interior paint work differs from exterior paint work in many ways.

Choosing a contractor for interior work is much more critical to you as the homeowner.  You need to know more about the people that will be working inside your home.  Your home is sacred, your privacy is important, and inconvenience should be as limited as possible.

The Workers

R. A. Briggs and Co. offers the most professional craftsmen.  Our employees are trained to respect and protect your home and property.  They are hourly or salaried employees, and have undergone background checks.  Most of our employees have been with us for five years or more and many have worked with us up to 10 to 20 years.  They are quiet, clean cut, polite, and “people pleasing” oriented.  We would have it no other way.  Decisions on the job between employees is not allowed.  You will be pleased to have our employees working in your home.  You can be assured of the proper deportment throughout the duration of your job.

Preparation of Furnishings

If working in more than one room or the entire home, we move all contents of furniture and accessories to the center of the room and cover them using heavy Polyethylene plastic from large rolls which are 12′ wide X 200′ long.  All flooring is then covered using heavy duty canvas drop cloths.  Protection of your furnishings is the most paramount issue to us.

Preparation of Surfaces to be Painted

R. A. Briggs and Co utilizes old fashioned, but tried and true methods.  All wood work is cleaned using liquid sanding aids to remove dust, dirt, and to dull the surface in order to make more porous and receptive to the new paint.  Hand sanding is done to all wood work as needed.  All drywall is checked for areas of stains, inks, lipstick, grease, etc. in order to seal using pigmented shellac to seal the effected areas to prevent “bleeding”.

All joints where wood meets drywall are carefully checked for old loose caulking and separation.  Then the joints are caulked using an acrylic caulking.


R. A. Briggs and Co uses quality products from Sherwin Williams.  We use oil base primer and finish coats on all wood.  On drywall, we use acrylic flat or satin finish latex.

Drywall Work

We are expert drywall repairmen.  Wall and ceiling cracks that are primarily the result of the shifting of the house due to our soil movement can be professionally repaired.  Our employees carefully tape using fiberglass drywall tape (which allows for future movement) as opposed to the commonly used paper tape.  Then we float the new drywall to the old drywall using 2-3 applications creating a larger surface by 100% to 200% in order to blend the new floats to the old drywall.

Replacement of drywall, when necessary due to water damage, is done from wood joists or wall studs.  We always replace a larger area than the obvious damaged area in order to better blend the old drywall to the new drywall.  Then we spot texture the repaired area and blend to the old texture.

Clean Up

Our employees are trained to do more than paint.  We clean up specks, hardware, window glass, and flooring.  Our paint cans, plastic protection, tape, and other debris is packed in large plastic bags and taken to our facility for proper disposal.  We make sure to either sweep or vacuum the flooring to ensure we have cleaned our areas properly. 

After the Job

If we have overlooked any details or painting or clean up, call us. We will follow up and make sure the job is complete.

Exterior Painting

Do you ever wonder why you have to paint so often in Houston?

The exterior of your home is one of the most critical issues of home maintenance.  Water is your home’s enemy.

Once paint film develops the tiny cracks caused by the constant expansion and contraction of the wood due to our sub tropical climate, the cracks slowly increase in size.  Each time the wood areas are wet, the water enters a crevice.  The expansion of the wood is inevitable.  As the wood dries out, the crack never contacts as much as it expanded from the last wetting.  Eventually the paint film loosens from the edges of the crevices and eventually cracks.  This is sometimes referred to as “checking”.

Is there a cure for paint problems? With the types of siding on most homes in Houston, the answer is no.  Routine painting and maintenance is necessary.  The only solution to avoid the moisture problem is James Hardie Siding products, which we offer. 


It is a commonly known fact that proper preparation is the key to a successful paint job.  R.A. Briggs and Co. follows the old fashioned, but tried and true methods of thorough washing using a high pressure application of water and household bleach.  The bleach is the key to killing existing surface mildew and other algae.  The pressure machine and water clean surfaces of dust and dirt.

Once the wood has dried from the washing and the bleaching action cycle to kill surface mildew has passed, which is usually 18-24 hours, electric disc grinders with appropriate grit discs are used to remove the loose paint film surrounding the area of peeling paint.  Hand sanding using heavy grit paper is used on areas where disc sanding is not feasible.

Joints in the siding, trim and fascia boards are then caulked.  All bare wood is then result of the sanding and other removal of loose paint and then it is spot primed using acrylic wood primer made specifically for this purpose. 

Paint Process

Once preparation is complete, colors have been selected, and samples have been approved, we then apply acrylic latex to all painted surfaces.  The exceptions would be to passage doors, shutters, and vertical wood columns.  These are painted with oil base satin finish to give more protection against fingerprints and water exposure.

Clean Up

A critical part of our job is to clean up and leave your property as undisturbed as possible.  Paint flakes in flower beds and paint specks on window panes are removed.  Patio furniture is put back into place and water hoses are replaced to their proper positions.  All our paint cans and plastic sheeting used for plant protection are packed into plastic bags and removed from your property and disposed of at our facility.

We take great pride in our work and we expect our customers to be satisfied.